Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Labor

From the Manual of the Children of Mary, 1915. Translated from the French for the use of the schools and asylums, directed by the Daughters of Charity:

Animated by faith a Child of Mary should consider labor a salutary punishment imposed on our first parents and on all their posterity in accordance to the divine words: Thou shalt eat thy bread in the sweat of thy brow. Labor thus considered, far from debasing the Christian soul serves, on the contrary, to ennoble it since it elevates it to the glory of heaven. There are many saints who have acquired eternal glory only by the labor of their hands in the most humble conditions. Did not our divine Saviour the supreme Master of all the riches and goods of earth vouchsafe to choose this state for Himself, for His holy Mother and St. Joseph? Supported by these salutary thoughts, strengthened by these great examples, the Child of Mary will know how to offer a continual violence to pride and to the indolence of corrupt nature: she will use all possible care and diligence whether she labors for herself or for others, because setting aside human considerations, she labors always for God and heaven.