Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Register Now: Pilgrimage for Restoration

In its thirteenth year, the annual pilgrimage is a spiritual journey of the faithful to the place where Saints Isaac Jogues, René Goupil and John LaLande were martyred 366 years ago. It is conducted in honor of Christ Our King, for the restoration of new Christendom, and in reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Walking over 70 miles in four days, pilgrims organized in brigades of 15 to 35 members undertake this pilgrimage as an exercise of penance and prayer, of contradiction and restoration, having both a personal and social character. Modeled on the annual Pentecost pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de Chartres, France, members embrace the traditional doctrine & practice of Holy Church, with all its demands. During their travel, participants sing hymns, take part in meditations, recite the Holy Rosary and other prayers. Pilgrims live according to the mandate of Our Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost - friendship & prayer sustaining each pilgrim on his spiritual way. Priests and religious accompany the pilgrims along the way, hear confessions, give private spiritual counsel, teach.

Holy Mass, the 1962 Roman missal, is offered each day in accord with Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum. Glorious instrument of prayer, the traditional Latin Mass stresses the universal character of the Church, and is offered in a most solemn manner at the Auriesville Coliseum Church on Saturday.

Saint Benedict’s Chapel will again be sending a contingent to participate in this significant event that is growing every year. Participation in the Saint Benedict’s Brigade is open to any Catholic (even those not part of our Chapel or our parish, Saint Gregory the Great). Simply register and contact the Brigade Leader (see below). Participants who travel with the brigade, will be expected to help defray some costs associated with the transportation/billeting to and from the pilgrimage.

How to Register?
Forms can be obtained from the Brigade Leader or you can register at
http://www.national-coalition.org/pilgrim/registrationfp.html. Costs start at $75 for the first two members of a family.
Please contact the Brigade Leader so that you may be added to local roster.

Songs of the Pilgrimage

During the pilgrimage, numerous Catholic songs will be sung as part of the devotion. Once registered, you will receive a song book with the songs but you may also order a CD with the songs in order to become more accustomed with them prior to the pilgrimage. Forms for ordering can be obtained from the Brigade Leader or ordered online at:

Schedule (Adoration and benediction in camp each day; times to be announced)

Tuesday, September 23
0600 Departure of Brigade Vans from Saint Benedict’s Chapel
• “Kiss and Ride” ONLY. Vehicles cannot be left at Saint Benedict’s Chapel overnight.
• Vans will stop every 2 to 3 hours.
1800 Arrival at Cramer’s Point Motel & Lodge

Wednesday, September 24
0500 Checkout
0545 Rendezvous at monument of St. Isaac Jogues on the southernmost shore of the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament (aka "Lake George") in Lake George Battleground Park.
0630 Form Up
0715 Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: St. Isaac Jogues’ monument
0800 breakfast
0815 Welcome Address
0845 Step-Off
1800 Arrival, Bivouac
1815 Supper
2030 Taps

Thursday, September 25
0445 Reveille
0530 Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
0630 Breakfast
0715 Step-Off
1815 Arrival, Bivouac
1830 Supper
2030 Taps

Friday, September 26
0445 Reveille
0530 Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
0630 Breakfast
0715 Step-Off
1745 Arrival, Shrine of Blessed Kateri; Prayers of Thanksgiving, Canawaugha Castle
1800 Benediction, Pavilion of St. Maximillian Kolbe, Kateri Shrine
1830 Supper
1915 Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Pavilion of St. Maximillian Kolbe, Kateri Shrine

Saturday, September 27
0815 Form Up at Kateri Shrine with New Pilgrims
0830 Songs of Pilgrimage, Pavilion of St. Maximillian Kolbe
0900 Welcome Address to New Pilgrims
0915 Prayers Begin
1000 Step-Off
1245 Arrival, Shrine of Our Lady of the North American Martyrs: Brigades Reform
1300 Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, Coliseum church, Auriesville Shrine
1545 Shuttle Departs to Lake of the Blessed Sacrament (to retrieve cars)

Modest clothing for walking through woods and over rugged terrain, long pants/skirts (no shorts) and well broken-in hiking shoes are a must. Other essentials include:
a small backpack to carry throughout, containing:

  • your lunch for the day & canteen of water/beverage
  • revitalizing snacks - dried fruit, chocolate bars, nuts etc.
  • a light coat, warm jacket, or pullover
  • a poncho to protect from rain
  • a hat to protect from sun/rain
  • band-aids, simple medication for blisters, headaches & muscle pain, medicated foot powder, moleskin
  • pilgrim's booklet - supplied, containing hymns & prayers
  • a Rosary
a larger bag transported by the Company of St. René, and retrievable at bivouacs, containing:
  • food reserves (your additional meals & drinks)
  • a cup for tea/coffee/soup/instant hot breakfast cereal
  • a flashlight
  • changes of clothes - kept throughout in water-proof packing. Socks such as Thorlos®, CoolMax®, Smart-Wool® strongly recommended; cotton socks not advised
  • light shoes - for the evening
  • toilet paper & toiletries
  • night clothes & bug repellent
  • sleeping bag (kept in water-proof sack throughout) & thick ground sheet
Restoring True Devotion to Mary,Our Lady of Fatima
Company of St. René Goupil with the National Coalition of Clergy & Laity
621 Jordan Circle Whitehall, PA 18052-7119 USA
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Contact the Saint Bendict's Chapel Brigade Leader (Mr. J. Stuart) at uvchesapeakeva@gmail.com.