Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Support the Holy Father!


Appeal from plain Catholic faithful.

This letter gathers different Catholic faithful, from different tendencies, who wish to support the pope in his brave gesture. The authors of this site assure you of the complete confidentiality guaranteed to the names of the signatories, the list of which will be transmitted only to the Holy See.

On January, 21st, You decided, Holy Father, to put an end to the excommunication which pressed on the bishops of the The Society of Saint Pius X. By this brave gesture, You acted as the minister of the herd entrusted to You by God.

We are men and women invested in the life of our city, we are fathers and mothers with a family or unmarried and, after stormy times, when « the boat seemed to take the water everywhere », we wish to build with You the Church of tomorrow with its Tradition for base. This project includes inevitably the transmission of the Faith to the future generations, by the love of the Catholic Liturgy and by the defence of the human life.

By this letter, we wish above all to express You our deep gratitude. If this historic gesture can provoque on You the denial from certain hostile media making confused mixtures, it arouses in us a tremendous joy and fills us with Hope. We prayed for Your intentions, according to the demand which You formulated at the beginning of Your Pontificate: « Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.(1)»

We want, by affixing our signature to this letter, to communicate to You our age and the number of our children to say to You that with You, we want to build the Christendom for the generations which will follow us, hoping wholeheartedly that this Christianity will be self-confident and will proclaim to all World the Credo.

So, it is in a spirit of filial respect that we bring You our support and our daily prayers for the pursuit of Your Pontificate, so that God's Church will emerge increased by it.

(1) Benedict XVI, April 25th, 2005

"Nothing emboldens more the audacity of the naughty ones than the weakness of kind people"

Leon XIII, encyclical Sapientæ Christianæ, January 10th, 1890