Friday, July 24, 2009

The Church Will Never Change

The Church will never change. And why? To tell all men, by these ancient customs, and olden forms, and quaint rites, that we never changed in anything since the times of the first Christians, of Apostles and of Christ. Men tell us, your Church has changed, your religion is not the religion of the Apostles and of the first ages, you have not the same belief as they in ancient times; you have all changed. But do you hear that Latin - that language of the Roman Empire? Do you see those garments of the clergy, observe those ceremonies, that music, those genuflections, those quaint and ancient rites, those peculiar forms, all so ancient, so peculiar, so different from the ways and the manners of the present day? They are the things of the ancient world, the manners and the customs of the east, the peculiarities of the people of ancient Rome and of Palestine, telling all men that we originated in olden times, throwing back in the faces of men the lie that we have changed, holding with wonderful tenacity to these rites, to tell the world how much stronger we hold the doctrine of God that we received from our Lord on the earth, teaching mankind in the silent but powerful eloquence of symbols and of imagery, that we are the same as in the times of the Apostles and the same as Christ made His Church and sent her forth to civilize, Christianize, and save the human race.

-Teaching Truth by Signs and Ceremonies or The Church, its Rites and Services, Explained for the People, Father James L. Meagher, Christian Press Association Publishing Co., 1896, Page 13.