Friday, September 25, 2009

Sacrifice at the Siege of Malta

It was at the close of this day that a Knight of Auvergne, Abel de Bridiers de la Gardampe, was shot and mortally wounded.  As his friends ran to help him, he motioned them back with the words: "Count me no more among the living.  Your time will be better spent looking after our other brothers."

While the cannon thundered, and the fire rained down from the walls, and Janissaries came on in wave upon shouting wave, La Gardampe dragged himself to the chapel of St Elmo.  In the afternoon, when the Knight of the Order made their way to the chapel to give thanks for the what seemed almost a victory, they the Knight of Auvergne stretched dead at the foot of the altar.

-The Great Siege, Malta 1565, Ernle Bradford, 1961.