Saturday, February 19, 2011

Learn About Distributism

From Mr. Dale Ahlquist...

Greetings,  Friends of the American Chesterton Society!

Recently, Gilbert Magazine and The Distributist Review teamed up to produce an entire issue of Gilbert dedicated to the misunderstood and misrepresented topic of Distributism!

Contents of the Distributist issue include:

G.K. Chesterton: The Guild Idea
Thomas Storck: What’s the Use of Having Stuff Anyway?
John Médaille: A Distributist Banking System
Bill Powell: Permaculture and Backyard Gardening
Donald Goodman III: Distributism and Marxism
Ryan Grant: Distributist Education
David W. Cooney: Subsidiarity
Richard Aleman: The D-PAC

In order to receive Gilbert Magazine you have to become a member of the American Chesterton Society, however, due to the popularity of this issue the editors ofGilbert Magazine are offering you a chance to purchase this single issue!! (For a limited time, while supplies last.)

The price of the single issue is $6.00 plus shipping and handling. Buy a few for your friends, family, or for yourself!

One reader, new to Distributism, had this to say about the Gilbert Magazine Distributist issue:
“I went through a serious paradigm shift while reading mine!”

Why stop with one issue? Support the American Chesterton Society, become a member (here), and receive Gilbert Magazine all year round. Besides Gilbert Magazine, members of the ACS receive a 20 percent discount on books.

This issue, chock full of Distributism, includes book reviews of John C. Médaille’s Toward a Truly Free Market and Christopher A. Ferrara’s The Church and the Libertarian.

PLUS: Dale Ahlquist on Hilaire Belloc, an interview with (Distributist) Thomas More College President Dr. William E. Fahey and much, much more!

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